Outdoor performance / All audiences and ages 5+
Length: 50 minutes. Genre: Circus, Catch & Clown.
Techniques: Mexican wrestling Lucha Libre; Circus: acrobatics, trampoline, teeter board; Comical magic.

FACE TO FAKE   —   Hopla Circus ARENA
In the arena of Hopla Circus, contemporary gladiators battle in an improvised ballet of acrobatic moves and spectacular strikes. Circus transforms the rules of "Lucha Libre", sliding them to a delirious universe, deviating to poetry and genius insanity. Come and experience Mexican wrestling extravaganza mixed with circus, magic and clown!   [Jean-Yves PENAFIEL]

Production: Ab Joy asbl / Hopla Circus. With the help of: Titoune Krall, Jean-Yves Pénafiel, Bram Dobbelaere. Coach Lucha Libre: Juventud Guerrera.